Hackney Church Brewpub

Red Deer designed Hackney Church Brewpub within two large Victorian brick arches near Hackney Central and involved installing a large brewery in one arch and a dispense bar and kitchen in the other in London, England.


  • Year 2018
  • Set up in affiliation with Hackney Church Brew Co. the design took stimulus from the industrial process of brewing and the physical aspects of the church. Large double height metal framed glazing was installed to create an ethereal yet industrial aesthetic for the facade and solid timber trusses were installed to mimic traditional church construction.

    The Brewpub takes over two archways with a large outside space; only a few minutes’ walk from Hackney Central station, it is tucked beneath the railways tracks lining Bohemia Place. The once deserted arches are now home to a bustling hub of food and drink operators, with Hackney Church Brewpub leading the way. The vision, heart and soul is to create world class beers and a warm and welcoming space that everyone can enjoy while giving back to and supporting the local community.

    Design: Red Deer
    Photography: Adam Firman