1568 Bistro

Bara Design Studio created a contemporary design incorporating new directions and new tastes for 1568 Bistro in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, inspired by Transylvania’s colorful cultural background.

  • area / size 1,399 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Cluj-Napoca, Romania,
  • The year of 1568, as a symbol of religious freedom, inspired us to discover the perception of freedom in a culinary context. This bistro is the result of this discovery: a new interpretation, a contemporary return to our roots, where the tastes are seasoned with a new spirit. In this place you can find many nations’ symbols in our interpretation.

    The 14th Century buildings structure wasn’t really fit for our 21th century needs, so we had to adapt our expectations to his gifts. The diversity of the cultures and believes in Transylvania was a challenge too in creating a place. A few steps from Cluj’s old center and especially in any traditional Transylvanian villages, seeing the diversity and colors of the houses and objects inside, the markets and churches, protestant, orthodox, catholic or jewish, gave us a vision of how a Transylvanian restaurant looks like.

    Our goals is in 1568 Bistro to recall the stories and culinary memories of the past with each single brick and stone. In 1568 Transylvania was the first country in the world where the people practice free their religion. The bistro was opened in 2017.

    Design: Bara Design Studio
    PhotographyZsolt Batar