La Maison du Grec

La Maison du Grec is a contemporary Greek bistro in the heart of Athens which was designed by Minas Kosmidis to weave together architectural tradition with the contemporary reality and lifestyle of the historic city.

  • area / size 1,506 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Athens, Greece,
  • After 3 years of absence, “La Maison du Grec” is back, this time in Agias Eirinis square right in the heart of Athens. The re-launched Greek bistro offers traditional dishes, made of fresh, local ingredients, cooked and served in a more creative – modern way. The owners’ goal has been to create a new hot spot in the city center, the “place to be” of the locals and not only, where customers will be able to enjoy modern classic Greek recipes, while having a cocktail or just a coffee during day and night.

    The previous design concept of Kifissia’s restaurant has been adapted, after receiving the necessary modifications, according to the specific features of the new space and also the latest trends in hospitality design.

    Athenian historical urban houses and their morphological and decorative elements have been the main inspiration during the concept design process of this contemporary Greek bistro. Decorations on ceilings and floors, plaster and marble elements, as well as the elaborate metal structures on gates and staircases are just some of them. The new space has been designed with the goal of igniting a dialogue between the architectural tradition of urban Athens of its glorious past and the contemporary reality and lifestyle. Consequently, the designer’s concept has been based primarily on the “re-design” of forms and elements of the past, which, after their modernization and through the eyes of the user, aspire to regain their lost glamor.

    The gigantic wooden antefix – an emblematic decorative element of the new space, may be the predominant feature that someone observes in the restaurant and is the connecting link between all historical periods in architecture, from the classical era until contemporary Greece. It is indeed an ornament that has been used extensively in buildings of all types, in all architectural styles and almost every era of Greek architectural history. The antefix, which, according to the restaurant designer’s view, has never found the recognition it deserves as an independent work of art, has always been complementary and of secondary importance. This antefix, enlarged and carved into wood, was placed in a prominent position and as an independent work of art seeks all the attention.

    Design: Minas Kosmidis
    Photography: Ioanna Roufopoulou