The Cambria Dallas Downtown Hotel

The Cambria Dallas Downtown Hotel by Merriman Anderson/Architects restores and preserves the 1931 art deco 22-story Tower Petroleum Building while updgrading it for hotel use.

  • rooms 177
  • Year 2017
  • Location Dallas, Texas, United States,
  • Type Hotel,
  • The Tower Petroleum Cambria project restored and modernized ground-level retail, added a valet structure for 130 vehicles, and enhanced the pedestrian experience with streetscape additions. The building houses a 177-room hotel, Cambria Downtown Dallas, as well as a restaurant/bar, fitness center, and meeting space/work area.

    The lobby features a large amount of window frontage on a heavy foot traffic street in downtown, so the designer wanted to catch people’s eye. An emerald and peacock blue color combination was implemented to attract people walking or driving by. A game room theme was also developed that features different patterns representing old board games. The tile around the bar represents the backgammon game, and light fixtures by the bar and community table are similar to Monopoly. The art deco influence is brought back in a modern way with simple finishes. Meeting rooms and conference areas have a Great Gatsby feel with art deco carpet. The guest rooms are quiet, neutral color palettes and provide a luxury space. The art throughout the spaces are of local, iconic places in Dallas, such as Big Tex and The State Fair of Texas.

    The Cambria Dallas Downtown hotel opened in December 2017. It recently received a 2018 Preservation Dallas Achievement Award, which honors Dallas’ outstanding residential and commercial historic preservation projects and the individuals who are committed to making Dallas a better place to live by promoting its architectural heritage.

    Design: Merriman Anderson/Architects
    Photography: Lisa Petrole Photography