Designed to emulate the Japanese green delicacy, mode:lina realized a lively space for MATCHA, a new tearoom located in Poznań, Warsaw.

  • area / size 753 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Poznan, Poland,
  • MATCHA is a new tearoom in Poznań whose name is anything but coincidental. It is a place where you can try a Japanese green delicacy, served in many ways: hot or cold beverages, desserts or cakes. This venue was created out of its owners passion. Their culinary invention will on many more occasions surprise the growing number of regular customers.

    MATCHA is inevitably associated with being organic and having a beneficial impact on our health and well-being. Those advantages and a distinctive colour of this variety of green tea became the main motif for the interior designed by mode:lina.

    From the very entrance MATCHA attracts with a space bathed in green. Designers gave the interior a large number of shelves on steel structures and similar ceiling mesh panels, so that as much room as possible could be created for pots with plants and for ivy. As the owners love books and want to share them, the shelves also serve as a small library. Green colour covers the front of the main bar too, where small tiles were used. It is also the leading colour in the bathroom.

    MATCHA and its intensive green colour form an ideal match with a neutral background of light- coloured wood and construction concrete. The shade of wood is inspired by utensils traditionally used to prepare this reinvigorating beverage. Decorative lamps which hang above the tables resemble Chasen whisks, necessary to properly prepare a frothy tea.

    Design: mode:lina
    PhotographyPatryk Lewiński