Canopy by Hilton Chengdu

CCD/Cheng Chung Design created Canopy by Hilton Chengdu to blend Chinese and Western charms, intertwined with old-fashioned feelings and vitality, elegant and unconventional style, bringing guests a lively style and the comfort and warmth of home in Chengdu, China.

  • area / size 166,840 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Chengdu, China,
  • Type Hotel,
  • The interaction of ancient and modern, the mutual penetration of art and life, the compatibility of local and world, all of these has created the rich texture and unique impression of Chengdu. It is not a surprise that Chengdu has always been ranked at the top for the charming cities in the world for many years. The first Canopy hotel in Asia Pacific – Hotel Canopy by Hilton Chengdu City Centre is located in the city that is customer-focused that emphasized on the experience of ‘body’, ‘heart’, ‘senses’ and ‘enlightenment’.

    The design revolves around the story of “the scholar goes to the city to take the imperial exam”, traversing the memory corridor of the imperial city, capturing the auspicious details hidden in the green brick wall, on the street view of the market, in the peddler stall and the courtyard. The history of the hotel has been reconstructed, while exploring and re-writing the new story of the Imperial City memory.

    Canopy Central
    Canopy Central on the 31st floor is a brand-name public space, including reception area, lobby bar, all-day-dining restaurant, lounge, multi-functional conference area, transfer lounge, where is dedicated to provide a place for guests who have to stay for a while to check in after arriving at the hotel or check out, they are free to wash, temporarily store their luggage and rest.

    Diversity and openness are the characteristics of this place. Designers introduce the concept of ancient markets into the passionate and energetic Chengdu culture. With exquisite observations and historical memories as the inspiration, the design combines the imagery of the East and the West, the past and the modern scenes of the city.

    The design concept of the guestroom originated from the idea of “Gong Yuan” and inspired by the film “A Chinese Ghost Story” to connect the whole design to the project. The Canopy brand classic L-shaped bedside, as well as the bedside table inspired by the actor in “A Chinese Ghost Story” Leslie Cheung’s backpack, the shower space of the rice paper laminated glass, also comes from the classic scene of the film – Leslie Cheung breaking through the doors and windows made of Xuan paper, the designer has used the modern techniques to interpret the ancient paper doors and windows, so that the whole design is closely related to the story in terms of form, image and material.

    Design: CCD/Cheng Chung Design
    Photography: courtesy CCD/Cheng Chung Design