Harry’s Fine Foods

Designed by Hoedemaker Pfeiffer, Harry’s Fine Foods was reborn from the remains of an early 1900’s era corner store in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.

By the time restaurateur Julian Hagood fell in love with this circa 1910 corner store, the 50-year old refrigerator had rotted its way through the floor and pigeons had come to roost in the rafters.

Keeping the name and imagining a more illustrious past for the building and space, a new, casual yet sophisticated neighborhood hotspot was born. The building was striped back to its studs and roof joists, and completely reworked. The building was reborn with a ground floor restaurant and bar, and an upstairs apartment.

The restaurant is outfitted with vintage furnishings and fixtures. The dining room features a bespoke L-shaped counter, with handcrafted tables and benches. A salvaged 1950s refrigerator takes pride of place in the chef-grade kitchen, while a Victorian-era tobacconist’s case is used for storage and vintage Sheffield lighting fixtures illuminate the dining room. The 865-square-foot upstairs apartment includes a room the owner rents out via Airbnb.

Design: Hoedemaker Pfeiffer
Contractor: METIS Construction
Photography: Andrew Giammarco