Edition Roasters

Inspired by traditional Japanese rural life, Edition Roasters was designed by Amber Road to evoke feelings of familiarity and thoughts of a simpler times in patrons of the Sydney, Australia coffee house.

  • area / size 1,184 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Sydney, Australia,
  • This humble 110sqm cafe emanates traditional Japanese rural life, existing in stark contrast to the modernism which surrounds it. The highly textured yet all-black palette, sits delicately upon a sculptural organic interior, creating an instantly familiar space for patrons thoughts to think back on simpler times.

    Site opportunities included a 400mm set-down splitting the existing concrete shell in half. This created an ideal opportunity to create a sunken dining experience, without the need for excavation. With three distinct seating arrangements, patrons can choose a seat along the sunken perimeter under a maple tree, an intimate corner or at the chef’s kitchen, all providing a unique experience. The work zone was designed around efficiency and speed with individual stations separated by generous thoroughfares, further articulated through highly tactile Japanese materiality.

    A sculpted, dirty drop-off window appears, as if the hole was made as an afterthought, as is the same with the adjacent carved recess, which houses a simple glowing wall light. crookedly installed. A single charred timber wedge sits proud of polished rendered walls. Patrons enter more intimate dining areas, through a sculpted header, seemingly supported by another charred timber sleeper, fixed to a textured stone plinth.

    This organic all black fit-out is forever in a state of flux. It’s reflective polished render deviates from inky indigoes to warmer brown hues depending on light filtration through the ethereal charcoal cotton drops. A deciduous maple, integrated into a timber planter, changes colour alongside the seasonal menu. Charred timbers and patina’d walls, complement the smell of smokey coffee beans and rich yet simple family recipes on offer.

    Patrons return to experience the myriad of different dining experiences, unveiling something new with every visit. The novel sunken arrangement offers the patron a grounding experience whilst more intimate experiences, found through smaller tables at the rear, offer a safe single retreat. High bar stools at the chef’s table offer the voyeurs a chance to experience the chef plate up whilst enjoying the hum drum of the busy kitchen. Lighting is minimal, with no two wall lights the same.

    Design: Amber Road
    Photography: Prue Ruscoe