A clean and minimal feel with bursts of color, Bureau of Architecture and Design realized a thoughtful dining atmosphere at Spoonfed in Los Angeles, California.

  • area / size 10,000 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Type Restaurant,
  • All good design, good architecture, relates to its environs; as well as the program or function of the space. Spoonfed is located in a new modern building so first and foremost that informed the design as we strove to create a clean, almost minimal feel with playful bursts of vibrant color. The other main inspiration is owner Sean Loeffel’s robust zest for life and hospitality. His personality and vision emanates throughout the space and dining experience. Who Sean is inspired everything, from the color palette to the materiality to the spatial flow to the detailing.

    We are fortunate to have a space flooded with abundant Southern California sunshine. There are three walls of glass facing east, north and west. Within these walls are large garage doors that open, recessing into the ceiling, morphing the delineation between inside and out. Lushly landscaped dining terraces surround the restaurant with varied and vibrant vegetation, bisected by a linear, board-formed concrete fountain. We have truly created a restaurant within a garden within the urban grit of the Hollywood Media Arts District. It is truly an oasis.

    The interior features three distinct yet unified spaces: Cafe, Bar and Kitchen. Millwork partitions simultaneously separate and unify the spaces, crafted with stacked panels fabricated from White Oak, Smooth-Troweled Plaster, Fabric Panels, Tile, White Laminate Fade Glass and Artwork. Cafe finishes and furniture, finely detailed yet casual and colorful, punctuate Spoonfed with vibrant powder-coats, smooth plaster, and silver metal finishes. These give way to a more sophisticated Bar Jue, where satin brass finishes and blackened aluminum are more finely detailed and joined. Bianco Gioia Marble Slabs are prevalent in both spaces, unifying them.

    DesignBureau of Architecture and Design
    Photography: Paul Vu