Montoro Wines Cellar Door

Source Architects designed a layout that encourages patrons of Montoro Wines Cellar Door to linger all afternoon in the beautiful setting of Orange, Australia.

  • area / size 1,076 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Orange, Australia,
  • Type Winery,
  • Montoro Wines in a young boutique winery based in Orange, NSW. Montoro Wines Cellar door recently won several architecture awards in 2018 including NSW Australian Institute of Architecture for small projects and James Barnett NSW country division of AIA.

    Owners Bob and Jennifer Derrick were looking to create a special experience for patrons. The Cellar Door needed to be more than an outlet for their wines – something that spoke of and reinforced their brand. Importantly, the Cellar Door needed to move away from the archetypal ‘winery in an old shed’ which is a dominant typology in the area, to express the brands contemporary premium status.

    Conceptually, the building was conceived as a broad platform protected by an oversized roof, sitting in a field of native grasses and wildflowers. The service areas are planned into a sculptural blackened timber clad form with the tasting area occupying the remainder of the platform – the inside and outside a continuous space that blead together.

    The timber form turns its back to the road and the strong winds, with the form curving to draw the visitor onto the platform, introducing the tasting area and the view as the visitor follows the curved form. Once inside the building proper, the timber clad form recedes, further opening up the view and tasting space, leading the visitor to the brass topped tasting bench.

    The layout seeks to encourage patrons to linger, to take up residence for the afternoon on the terrace or to sit on the edge of the platform and talk while kids play in the field beyond, and to generally be a part of the beautiful landscape that the building is sharing.

    Design: Source Architects
    Photography: Tom Ferguson