MOODs Charles Bridge Hotel

The new MOODs Charles Bridge Hotel was designed by Petr Hák to give those traveling to Prague a quiet and cozy atmosphere in the midst of the historic capital of Czech Republic.

  • area / size 24,283 sqft
  • rooms 50
  • Year 2018
  • Location Prague, Czech Republic,
  • Type Hotel,
  • When designing small boutique hotel MOODs Charles Bridge, which is located in the city center of Prague near Charles Bridge.

    We focused on preserving historical elements that did not succumb to time and insert a new functional layer, which in color, material and conceptually suits the operation of the hotel. Of course, there was a cooperation with the Heritage Institute and finding a compromise with the modern and standards of luxury hotels. The interior combines bold colors, luxurious materials, and sharp lines.

    For a unique look, we used many original features and details in the hotel interior, including lighting above the bar and a blown glass reception, designed specifically for MOODs. Light creates iridescent effects, which brightens the space.

    Rooms are designed as quiet and cozy with an emphasis on comfort and coziness. In the bathroom, we tried to create a feeling of a spa area with a generous shower full of marble.

    Design: Petr Hák
    Photography: Jiří Lízler