Bar Melusine / Bateau / General Porpoise

A multi-concept restaurant designed by Heliotrope Architects and Price Erickson that turns one large volume into three distinct and intimately scaled spaces stretching down the block in Seattle’s bustling Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Bar Melusine celebrates the French Atlantic with oysters, crepes, pré salé lamb, and more, in a sea of tonal greens. Bateau re-imagines the recently retired Sea Creatures restaurant, Boat Street Café, as a modern steak house with a view into an in-house dry-aging room. General Porpoise, a doughnut shop and multi-roaster serving filled, yeasted doughnuts is a sun-lit, bright, white space accented with shocks of radish pink. All three dining rooms hug the street and position diners close to a tall, expansive, glass storefront. Detailing is traditional, pared-down to a crisp, contemporary line. Herringbone flooring in wood and tile, rustic whitewashed wood siding, brass fixtures, and custom lights give consonance to the whole.

Architect: Heliotrope Architects
Design: Price Erickson
Contractor: Method Contracting
Photography: Aaron Leitz