Mama Rabbit

The newest venue in the Park MGM Resort and Casino Las Vegas, Mama Rabbit is a cocktail bar and lounge designed by DesignAgency to celebrate the artful magic and mystery of mezcal and tequila with the subtle flavor of Oaxacan culture.

  • area / size 4,000 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Park MGM and the Sydell Group asked DesignAgency to develop the complete concept for Mama Rabbit including its naming, branding and interior design. DesignAgency and MGM called on LA’s Bricia Lopez, known as the “Oaxacan Princess” and widely credited for the rise of mezcal in the United States, to help develop a truly authentic and exceptional experience. In preparation for the Mama Rabbit concept, DesignAgency principal Anwar Mekhayech and Lopez explored Oaxaca, delving into its rich culture and traditions to find inspiration and authentic story points.

    Guests are immediately confronted by an array of visually rich textures, colours, and patterns that are synonymous with Mexican modernism. For example, vibrant painted walls are inspired by the famed architecture of Luis Barragán, and the array of colorful, geometric patterns and a bold art program pays homage to the region’s spirited art scene. The space is divided into two main rooms, separated by double-sided bar, that’s backed by a forty-foot high open display that showcases Mama Rabbit’s vast collection of artisanal mezcal and tequila bottles. To the left, above a textured brick wall, a grid of 400 barro negro rabbit figurines, custom made by local Oaxacan ceramicists, conveys a contrast and repetition that prompts almost hallucinogenic feelings. Welcoming guests, a floor-to-ceiling mural and series of three sculptures by Spanish artist Okuda — while, (serving as a reminder to the ironic nature of Mama Rabbit’s theme and locale), each sculpture holds a slot machine in its belly.

    On the opposite side of the bottle wall, Mama Rabbit’s main lounge or “taverna” is programmed to have gaming, lounging, live music and DJ’s, and heightens the romantic and flirtatious atmosphere with elongated layerings of materials and colours that both define the lounge and its various zones ranging from intimate enclaves to exposed seating arrangements that create an inner courtyard. Underscoring the mischievous theme, Italian/Mexican woodworker Renzo Spada created an elaborately hand-carved fireplace depicting children hiding behind rabbit masks, and DesignAgency custom-designed a beguiling carpet adorned with flowers and jumping rabbits that enhances the playful and eclectic environment. Overhead, a custom mobile light fixture by LA-based artist Andrea Claire features dancing bamboo lanterns and mirrored black polished orbs.

    For more exclusive moments, intimate lounge seating is set under the cavern-like brick vaulted colonnade. The series of five lounges feature banquette seating for larger parties, and retractable shutters that can open the spaces up to the resort and views of the casino floor, while tempting passers-by with glimpses into the seductive world of Mama Rabbit.

    Design: DesignAgency
    Photography: Louiie Victa, Jaime Biondo