Hunan Slurp Restaurant

For an eatery that features authentic street rice noodle from Hunan, New Practice Studio created a dining space that engages with the bustling neighborhood of East Village in New York City.

  • area / size 3,000 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Type Restaurant,
  • The space is conceived as a place to look into and look out from, a continuous volume is carved out from the storefront into the interior so a direct dialogue is established between the street and the restaurant. A group of communal dining table anchors the center of the restaurant and adds to the continuity of the space. The interplay between white plastered wall and wood screen creates a bright and warm atmosphere. The rhythmic wood screen with fillet corners reinforces the geometry of the space, while resembling the rice noodle featured in this restaurant. The screen sits in front of existing brick walls where carefully designed backlighting adds another layer of subtlety to the space.

    Design: New Practice Studio
    Design Team: Nianlai Zhong, Tai-li Lee, Sidong Lang, Junchao Yang, Steve Fang, Junrui Wang
    Photography: Montse Zamorano