Union Bar at The Opposite House

Influenced by the transformation and experimentation of the early 1920s and the age of early modernism, AvroKO designed Union Bar as a sophisticated, cultivated hotel lobby bar at The Opposite House in Beijing.

  • Year 2019
  • AvroKO designed the bar with the simple yet elegance of well-executed hospitality in mind. They were inspired to create spaces which respond to the operational function and the guest experience, without compromising either. While seemingly whimsical, the space is strategically and methodically organized to have a clear social flow.

    The layout of Union Bar anticipates and responds to the different scenarios that might occur through the various service times and energy. In line with the concept of a studio and social club, the bar is designed to transform from day to night, with hidden elements such as the Mini Bar Cart, Herb Wall, Spice rack and DJ booths.

    AvroKO maintained the unity of the long, expansive space, embracing the feeling of a studio. The main protagonist – a linear bar and communal table at the center, anchored by the eclectic lounge area at both ends. Semi-Private dining is located at the opposite side of the bar, surrounded by an unadorned metal screen, breaking up the space and creating a clear distinction between different social zones. This screen frames the bar from the outside guests and creates the feeling of a private or even secret space.

    Inspired by the golden thread of the Silk Road, guests will be able to explore cocktails which evoke the richness and diversity of the Silk Road, from China to the Mediterranean. A strong tea offering, alcohol-free drinks and a signature cocktail list will take guests on a journey down the Silk Road. Led by a Head Bartender, a strong service team sets the tone for creativity, true hospitality and inspires the rest of the local team.

    Design: AvroKO
    Photography: Owen Raggett