Stary Browar Food Court

The Stary Browar Food Court in Poznan has received a fresh look from mode:lina, a revitalized space inspired by the energy of urban life.

  • area / size 4,843 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Poznan, Poland,
  • Stary Browar and mode:lina are responsible for a small revolution in Atrium. The guests can now visit a revamped food court floor. This remodeling is the first of some large-scale changes which will take place in Stary Browar, and which are overseen by mode:lina team.

    Keeping in mind that Poznań constantly develops and the city centre receives new visitors, Stary Browar decided to look for solutions which would enhance their guests’ experience. Stary Browar builds on having an exceptional space and the image it has enjoyed for years, based on its unique architecture, works of art and buzzing urban spaces, and it now adds further city and people-friendly solutions.

    The frst modifcation comes in a form of a food court in Atrium, created in cooperation with mode:lina. It matches the changes that happen in our life, as well as changing customer preferences. The new food court in Stary Browar’s Atrium is inspired by the energy of urban life and meets the requirements of the “eat & go” formula. The redone food court is a diversified space, characterised by a light style, and inspired by modern home kitchens.

    Design: mode:lina
    PhotographyPatryk Lewiński