Happyhappyjoyjoy Downtown

Vibrant with color to match the restaurant’s lively energy, happyhappyjoyjoy Downtown was designed by concrete as a the place to be for a delightful dinner, a quick bite or post-party-cravings in Amsterdam.

The guest decides what to make of it! The innovative concept combines high quality food with the speed and opening hours of a bar, to create a new experience.

happyhappyjoyjoy downtown is located on the lowest level of the iconic Odeon building in Amsterdam that also houses the Supperclub.

Two red doors swing open, and you’ll imagine yourself in a small alley in a vibrant Asian city. Submerged by bright neon signs, colourful artwork and the fragrance of delicious food. Once in, guests are welcomed at the bar where they can order food & drinks. Where they have the option to take away or eat in.

A few steps down and guests can have a closer look at the menu in the classic automat-food wall, containing photographs of the entire menu. Special menu items can also been seen on the wall in red hand painted drawings behind the cosy seating opposite the bar. Red iconic hawkerstall-lamp shades hang above the tables and are accompanied by steel barstools. This is the perfect spot to have a quick bite, drinks, order take-out and meet your friends.

The steel profiled wall folds around the corner into the main restaurant area. A more comfortable area, but still active with high tables, benches and barstools to keep the bar feeling. The colourful atmosphere, is created by a collection of posters that are pasted all over the wall and lit by red neon signs. The red coloured backlit paper umbrella ceiling strengthens the warm Asian ambiance of the room.

At the back of the restaurant is the open kitchen, with the pass framed with white tiles and red joints. The Jade-green room under the iconic arches that carry the historic building, contain high chairs and oak tables, and a full wall of ‘not so happy cats’, waving their middle fingers to the attentive guest. The newsroom is a vibrant space with a long high dining table, red hawkerstall-pendants, a collection of iconic happy-light boxes on the ceiling, Asian-newspaper wallpaper and a big screen with Asian news bulletins.

It’s a great place to eat high quality Asian street food with the speed and opening hours of a bar; have a relaxed dinner or swing by to find your post-party-cravings.

Design: concrete with JPS.architecten
Photography: Adam van Noort