The Burger Maker

Located in the heart of Barcelona, Insayn Design Society incorporated geometric elements and the chosen Pantone color to create the lively ambiance at The Burger Maker.

  • area / size 1,485 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Barcelona, Spain,
  • Type Restaurant,
  • When it’s about designing a restaurant, things get really exciting for the studio Insayn Design Society!

    This project was developed for a new restaurant located in “El Born”, a neighborhood in the heart of Barcelona.

    The client’s briefing was to open up a halal burger restaurant, open to all types of diners, that has a fresh and minimalist atmosphere with a lot of design and style.

    First of all, since it was a brand new restaurant, it needed a fresh new image of the brand, logo & graphic applications, going along hand to hand with the interior design to have a whole integral design.

    The chosen Pantone color has been selected as the corporate color, as it’s the representative color of Halal Food.

    The studio Insayn Design Society designed piece by piece all the furniture and elements of the restaurant, every table, every chair, even every lamp, is designed especially for this restaurant.

    To keep this natural and pure aspect, designed Pinewood furniture is all over the place, contrasting and playing with the colored ceiling and creating a whole cozy and striking atmosphere.

    Each perspective of this place has its own geometric correspondence, it means, each element that is within the space corresponds directly to some other proposed element, that is, each continuous line and each element reconnects or intersects with another.

    Design: Insayn Design Society
    Design Team: Celia Antunez, Michelle Lopez.
    Photography: Pol Martinez Aymerich