The Swig

Salient was tasked with completing The Swig – a colorful and vintage bar lounge in Kolkata welcoming visitors to enjoy their cocktails in style.

  • area / size 1,800 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Kolkata, India,
  • Type Restaurant,
  • The design of The Swig – in Kolkata resonates with the theme of the hotel, narrating the tale of 19th century Bengal through sensitive design interventions. The design transports its users to a rich cultural past echoing inside the walls of what was once a palatial home to a traditional Indian landlord- the Zamindar.

    Considering the heavy foot fall in the night, the spatial perception is directed by the play of artificial lighting. The tall ceiling of the top floor is enhanced by the mirror mosaic cladding that reflects the light from the vintage chandelier; this phenomenal setup accentuates the sense of volume. Conceived in Victorian-styled cast iron design, the exterior envelope has been perceived to preserve the architectural essence of the place, whilst incorporating outdoor views of the courtyard palace.

    The use of mellow tints of blue and green for the cushioned furniture, coupled with golden frames, fluently harmonize with the vintage tone of the décor. Artistic photographs that converse the historical tale of the space rests against the rustic textured walls. When the sun vanishes into the horizon every evening, The Swig enshrines the eternal glow of twilight, illuminated like a tall lantern, alluring viewers to explore the timeless experience.

    Design: Salient
    Photography: Anushree Bhatter