Moxy Warsaw Praga Hotel

Moxy Warsaw Praga Hotel worked with MANUTTONE to balance the strong identity of the hospitality brand with the history of the city, a space that tells the story of its surroundings.

  • area / size 5,447 sqft
  • rooms 141
  • Year 2019
  • Location Warsaw, Poland,
  • Type Hotel,
  • The design assumptions for the Moxy Koneser Praga were clearly formulated and the style of Moxy and the hotel brief were incorporated into the historical structure. We had to maintain a balance between identity and history of the place. At the beginning of our work on the concept we were looking for many references to the Praga district. We wanted to tell the story of the place and its surroundings. We looked very carefully at every detail that was in the former Vodka Factory so that we could later use it in the interior design of the hotel.

    Koneser is located in the buzzing Zabkowska street of the Old Praga district. Moxy is part of a brand new revitalized complex which is historically known for being a 19th century Polish Vodka Distillery. In the place where the lobby is located, there used to be an alcohol warehouse bordering on the filtration building. Much later the cult club “Sen Pszczoły”; was located in this place. Moxy interior design was like a stacking, where all the elements were supposed to harmonize. The combination of history and modernity so that guests who travel a lot, whether professionally or privately, are active and attach great importance to the climate created not only by the design but also by the staff – because that’s what Moxy is like.

    The interior design by Manuttone was supposed to be a perfect background for the functioning of the hotel. All permanent buildings were made according to an individual project, e. g. seats in “tanks”; after alcohol distillation or graphics with a wheel of fortune and “tanks”; mounted on the wall adjacent to the former filtration building. The fireplace with decorative bottles partially purchased in Warsaw’s Praga district will be a reminder of the alcohol warehouse in this place. The historical reference to Koneser is the “gorseciki” floor, which in the reception area is in its original form combined with its contemporary copy. An interesting element is an elevator stylized as a warehouse crane, which, contrary to what you may feel, happily takes you to the hotel’s heel, which is a calm after an energetic lobby. The rooms are aesthetic and comfortable with a comfortable bathroom.

    The hotel’s lively public space area gives you the freedom for a great start of both your day and evening, whether it be a business meeting, fun date, a party or just to simply relax with our signature Moxy cocktail. The bright and open hotel lobby layout is paired with contemporary and industrial furniture. Depending on your mood you can also find your own space – we offer both quiet business corners, as well as lively common spaces to work, play and have fun. The lobby also boasts a state-of-the art video wall and 24/7 Grab&Go section offering a wide selection of snacks and drinks. Bright and spacious rooms overlooking 4 directions of the dynamic city makes you feel the spirit of the buzzing capital.

    Design: MANUTTONE
    Photography: Marcin Grabowiecki