Culturist was designed by SVOYA studio to embody the atmosphere and ideology of a coffee house in an historic building in Dnipro, Ukraine.

  • area / size 753 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Dnipro, Ukraine,
  • Coffee House “CULTURIST” is located on the first floor of a historic building on the Central Avenue of the Dnipro city. This Coffee House positions itself not just as a place of leisure, but as a cultural space where every element corresponds to this idea – from interior elements to coffee paraphernalia. Where the interior does not dominate the guests, but creates an optimal restrained entourage for recreation, communication and cultural development.

    On the area of 70m2 has been achieved to place the coffee house hall with a bar area, where is the process of making coffee, and a small technical room, as well as one bathroom. For the comfort of guests was mounted vestibule.

    The Coffee House provides seating for 36 people in different areas -bar (at the service area and at the window) sofa area and comfortable chairs, a large central community table.

    Previously, the room was a children’s center and finishing all the walls were sheathed with plasterboard, and the ceiling by Armstrong system. After dismantling, a beam with stucco decoration was found on the ceiling. And it was decided to leave it, as well as partially save Ekaterinoslav brick on the walls (with tinted). Brick is very organically combined with plaster on the walls. It was decided to make the central column in the hall an accent element, highlighting and taking in a glass box. The floor covering is a combination of concrete and crushed marble. Marble highlights the main functional areas of the Coffee House.

    Furniture, lighting and decor preferably Ukrainian production. There are many unique design details designed for this Coffee House. All ceiling and wall lamps were designed and manufactured individually for the Coffee House. As well as massive mirrors at an entrance – design from SVOYA studio.

    Naming and identity was developed by SAMOSOBOY, according to the values and vision of the customer.

    Design: SVOYA studio
    Photography: Alexander Angelovskiy