Hotel Ibis Styles Lublin

Tremend designed the Hotel Ibis Styles to communicate creativity and exceptional storytelling for those looking for a landmark getaway in the up-and-coming city of Lublin, Poland.

  • area / size 15,069 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Lublin, Poland,
  • Type Hotel,
  • Ibis Styles brand is known for unique and original design. These hotels stand out from the crowd by carefully selected details, which are linked by creativity and exceptional storytelling. The facility in Lublin invites guests to learn more about the most famous legends of Lublin, which are the main theme of the new hotel.

    Lublin, which is referred to as a capital of eastern Poland, is one of the most rapidly developing city of this region. It is not only an academic and business centre but it also attracts a lot of tourists. The most representative part of the city is Old Town and that is precisely where recently came into existence a hotel ibis Styles Lublin Old Town. This is the reason why designers decided to takes guest on the journey in the footsteps of the city’s legends, introducing custom made furniture, installation and details referring to the each story. From lots of legends was decided to be chosen six which let to know a bit better this wonderful city before exploring it deeply and propagate honorable feature of human character.

    Project with a WOW! effect
    At present, guests of hotels look not only for a place to sleep – they care mostly about experiences. When they step into a hotel, they are curious what will meet them. They want a place, in which they stay in, to stand out and have a WOW! effect. It is worth to introduce an element of surprise – something unique and also to find a way to intrigue visitors. In case of ibis Styles in Lublin, we take the guests on a journey following the city legends and bringing in customized elements and details corresponding to particular stories – explains architect Magdalena Federowicz-Boule, President of Tremend.

    In a world of legends
    Storytelling, which is a trademark of ibis Styles hotels and Tremend studio, is present in every project. The main theme this time were city legends connected with Lublin, its tradition and history. The hotel space was divided into areas, each of which presenting different story. The guests, moving through the hotel, discover secrets hidden by the city. One of the décor elements are ropes, inspired by a legend about the rope, which refers to the genesis of the name of the city. There are also details referring to a story about a mysterious treasure or a daughter of a goldsmith. The character of the interior is made by unique custom designed and made furniture, lighting, as well as details related to the legends – a fish stand reception, “caught in a net” lighting or tree installation. All kept in harmonious space introducing the story of the city to the guests and intrigue them enough to make them go out and explore the city.

    Flavours of the city
    A restaurant named Legendy Miasta which serves local dishes in a modern way is an important place in this hotel. Its menu is not only for the hotel guests but for everyone who is an enthusiast for a good cuisine, which allows  to create relations with citizens of Lublin. Dishes in the menu change with seasons and are also available in vegetarian and gluten-free versions.

    Design: Tremend
    Photography: courtesy of Tremend