Studio Cadena completed Masa as a group of interconnected volumes: a cafe, a bakery, and a retail space, a hospitality environment with unique character in Bogota, Colombia.

  • area / size 7,500 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Bogota, Colombia,
  • To resonate with its surrounding context in a residential neighborhood of Bogota, the building’s mass is fragmented into smaller parts. This approach defines more intimate rooms yet, with a continuous ground, allows you to move through them with the freedom of an open plan. Large triangular windows, cut into the building’s textured concrete walls, open the facade to the street while revealing the life within. Inside, different ceiling heights, lighting, and seating conditions modulate the space and lend each zone its particular character. A quiet outdoor patio shaped around an existing tree provides shaded seating and connects the public to food production areas in the rear. The building creates a new place in the city with a unique character that is memorable at the urban scale yet remains rooted to its surrounding context, not by how it looks, but rather, how it works inside and out.

    The design was comprehensive and included all the architecture, furnishings and landscape inside and out.

    Design: Studio Cadena
    Photography: Ambiente Familiar, Naho Kubota, Benjamin Cadena