Sankala Hong Kong Tapinlu Restaurant

Dragons Decor successfully wove 70s and 80s style into every corner of the Sankala Hong Kong Tapinlu Restaurant using color and art.

  • area / size 250 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Type Restaurant,
  • “A project with Hong Kong-style in the 70-80s”. It was the keyword of the customer who posed the problem to us, and the Dragons design team developed that idea in a unique way, in two basic colors of Hong Kong.

    With the idea of ​​separating the space separately, customers will be able to experience from the street scene, a true experience of Hong Kong street food restaurant with light billboards.

    After stepping through the red-colored iron gate of Hong Kong, you step by step on the typical terrazzo grindstone stairs to enter the house, to sit next to the windows overlooking the busy streets. Yes, or the terrace overlooking the balcony to the famous Temple Market while watching, listening to Hong Kong music in the 70s and 80s with vinyl records and covers with pictures of singers at that time, while enjoying the dishes eat Hong Kong, especially hotpot here. Certainly, it will bring a different and unique feeling of Hong Kong that you do not need to buy air tickets but even in HCMC there is a miniature Hong Kong.

    Design: Dragons Decor
    Design Team: Trúc Võ, Hải Phan, Quý Từ
    Photography: Tomqast