Revival Café

So much more than a restaurant, Stone Designs created the authentic and unique environment for Revival Cafe as the only motorbar in the city of Madrid.

  • Year 2020
  • Location Madrid, Spain,
  • Revival Café is the wish that all motor lovers in Madrid had. It is not just a restaurant, it is the only motorbar in the city. It is a motor temple, an authentic place that pays tribute to all that happens when motor and petrol come together. The interior design of Revival Café is inspired by the fifties and sixties, by the American mid-century style, the one that seduced the society and made from these two decades the maximum exponent in design and modernity. In this eagerness to revive an era that should have never finished, Revival Café is a meeting point for artists and creators linked to the motor world. All those for whom Motor is an inspiration will find in Revival Café not just a place where to share experiences and projects, but also the perfect canvas where to expose their work for a public that really understands how transgressor their creations are.

    We are not going to say that Revival Café is for everyone. It has been designed for all those who want to enjoy, learn or just feel curiosity about the culture of the motor world. Revival Café, with no doubt, will be not just a devotion place, it will also be the epicenter for the enthusiasts of this motor passion. A passion that has made vibrate the heart of so many people, for such a long time, all over the world. Elegance, closeness, authenticity or dramatism are just some of the values that are reflected in this interior design project. It is a project that doesn’t follow trends. It has its own heart. And it is a heart that roars like a real V12.

    Design: Stone Designs
    Photography: Alberto Monteagudo