John Anthony, Hanoi

greymatters designed John Anthony, Hanoi to be light, bright, and welcoming, utilizing the abundance of natural light available through the building’s enormous floor-to-ceiling windows.

  • Year 2020
  • Location Hanoi, Vietnam,
  • Type Restaurant,
  • Maximal Concepts, a very influential Food & Beverage operator and developer in Asia, is responsible for two of Hong Kong’s hottest and most-buzzed-about restaurants, Mott 32, and the company’s stylish newcomer, John Anthony. When the company decided to collaborate with Marriott International and bring this brand to Vietnam, greymatters was the obvious choice to help realize their vision.

    greymatters had already worked on two other high-end fitouts for the JW Marriott in Hanoi, Akira Back and Smack Dab. When the Hong Kong-based group settled on JW Marriott as a base for their new venture, it made sense to work with a company that both with the hotel, and on the same page design-wise as the cutting edge hospitality powerhouse.

    greymatters jumped at the chance to work with the prestigious brand.

    John Anthony is named for the first Hong Kong resident to ever receive a British passport. Known for his English name, ‘John Anthony,’ he was a Chinese-native trading interpreter; a man who played a big part in trade deals during the Qing Dynasty. greymatters wanted to reference this fascinating story in the design of the venue, calling back to the things that would have influenced this trail-blazing entrepreneur. As such, a large feature-wall light installation of compasses is lit to reflect different phases of the moon and adorns the entry to the venue, setting the scene for the culinary journey diners look forward to within.

    greymatters designed a series of large-scale floral and animal murals, replicating them through hand-painted wall pieces on brick, large textile wall coverings, and through the furniture dressings throughout the venue.

    The venue makes for a pretty dining experience by day, and, by night, the throw of the light bouncing and reflecting across the venue makes for a subdued, soft, romantic feel.

    It all adds up to a truly memorable dining experience, every bit as visually stunning as the spaces it references back in Hong Kong. It’s also a brilliant new high-end dining addition to the JW Marriott, already family for its world-class options.

    Design: greymatters
    : Adisorn Ruangsiridecha