Curtis Hotel Lobby

DLR Group has provided interior design and hospitality expertise to transform the Curtis Hotel’s lobby with fun and creative installs throughout the space to set it apart as a premier Denver destination.

  • area / size 2,440 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Type Hotel,
  • With an understanding of the Curtis Hotel’s unique brand and ‘Stay Happy’ nostalgic mantra, the firm renovated the space with a goal to excite guests through references of typical Coloradan pastimes. DLR Group sets the tone for the Curtis Hotel by featuring a happy camper at its front door. The happy camper takes hotel guests back to the 70’s and 80’s—immediately sparking the notion that a fun-filled journey is ahead.

    With its fully immersive design, a unique experience is created throughout the lobby with naturistic materials, vibrant colors, and both vintage and modern design elements suggestive of each Colorado season. Upon check-in, guests are welcomed through a campsite and pool area where they are invited to unwind and immerse themselves in both a nostalgic and retro atmosphere. With an emphasis on Colorado outdoors, the design captures amenities of the Denver landscape while staying true to the unique Curtis style.

    Inspired by the sport of rock climbing, the check-in desk has a deep blue backdrop with a bright array of climbing rope, knots, and carabiners—doubling as a colorful art installation that captures all the enjoyment of the outdoors. The desk features a stylized ribbed face and overhead canopy to mimic the undulations found on the rocky terrain. The final details of this check-in area are rounded out with sentimental touches such as an ‘easy bake’ oven and cookie jars filled with Curtis Hotel’s signature warm cookies.

    As guests navigate through the lobby, they are transported into every Coloradans’ favorite day of the week—powder day. A spirited vignette greets patrons with a photoshoot opportunity with a sun backdrop and a ski lift chair. Influenced by a ‘Bluebird day’ with no clouds in the sky, the photo station features an arrangement of lights that are reminiscent of bright sun rays glistening off the mountain ridge. If guests decide to pass on the slopes, a campground with a playground is just a few steps away from the check-in desk. Reminiscent of a family camping trip, the design of this lounge area features kitschy flamingos and crochet games with friendly pool reminders standing out amongst the green lush backdrop. Guests are invited to sip on a cool cocktail on some of the tiki stools or lounge in a comfortable seating area if they need to relax or get work done. Fun blue tiles, placed to look like a pool, make this a fun zone to lounge and discover past pool time memories.

    The backdrop to the vibrant lobby is a soaring red rock mural—featuring an emphasis on the outdoor activities that you can enjoy inside the lobby. Denver is home to Red Rocks Amphitheatre, one of the most famous music venues in the world. The metallic texture of the mural is inspired by the music, clear starry nights, and the venue lights that make the silhouette of the nearby mountains so striking. Adjacent to the mural is the Curtis Hotel’s retail area that has been designed to look like a ski resort gear shop. A fun wooden peg wall with vintage ski and snowboards for shelves display nostalgic candies and mementoes of the past plus some local finds to take home.

    Design: DLR Group
    Photography: Kruger Images