Eureka! Concord

NORR used industrial and sustainable materials to evoke a welcoming feel for those dining at The Eureka! Concord location.

From Austin to Seattle, Eureka! Restaurants evoke a feeling of community for guests who are welcomed to eat, drink, and be social at any of their 26 locations nationwide. NORR provides full architectural, interior design, and engineering services, to craft each Eureka! restaurant into a unique social space, always with the local community and neighborhood in mind. From restaurant to music venue, Eureka! is a culmination of family, friends, lifestyle, culture, passion, and fun. The design and culture have created more of a following out of its diners, who often hunt for their neighborhood Eureka!

NORR’s use of industrial and sustainable materials, such as reclaimed wood and tile throughout, mirrors the environmentally-conscious concept of Eureka! We chose warm contemporary and slightly rustic design elements that are the underlying identity at every Eureka! location, differentiated by local and sustainable food, drinks, and music. Together, there is a consistent visual language of warmth and community in each location.

Design: NORR
Photography: Scott Barett