HEYTEA at One Avenue, Shenzhen

The new HEYTEA shop by MOC DESIGN OFFICE located in Shenzhen adheres to the spirit of its hosting mall – exploration, innovation and vitality.

  • area / size 1,916 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Shenzhen, China,
  • In the concept of “climbing”, MOC DESIGN adopts the staircase as a metaphor and integrates the attitude of pursing progress and climbing with courage in the design. The space and function are carefully dismantled and rebuilt to present simple units, but with changeable combinations.

    The design concept is derived from the crisscross space from the game Monument Valley. It is manifested by dismantling and rebuilding the staircases across the space. Sets of blocks and stairs are superposed to lead up and across the entire shop. In terms of materials and shapes, a white tone and square blocks are employed to amplify the size of the confined space.

    From outside in, the blocks are piling up and taking shape and the central island becomes a complex functional body, both of which are meant to arouse a cordial feeling.

    As the main character of the space, a unit of high tables is placed in an orderly manner. The solid stairs and frame stairs are intersected to constitute a stance of actuality and illusion. The ceiling staircases and overall blocks become the visual focus of the space under the rendering of the pure white tone. The staircases spread out as the display of merchandises as well as guiding the traffic flow. Meanwhile, it meets the functional needs of tea breaks and close communication among people.

    The designer conceals the functional areas, such as self-service desk, between the vertical and horizontal stairs. A tea set is specially designed and customized for the brand to showcase teas from different origins to customers.

    Design Team: Wu Xiuwei, Liang Ningsen, Zhuang Yicheng, Hu Qiao
    Photography: Nie Xiaocong