MAIA Design Studio worked to design an evening experience at Rika that sets trends with its unique concept of dining and culinary theatrics in Hyderabad.

  • area / size 11,000 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Hyderabad, India,
  • Type Restaurant,
  • As star hotels increasingly look to bring casual dining formats into their premises, due to the large growth and competition from stand-alone restaurants, MAIA Design was approached by the Park Hyatt to design a restaurant and bar that was trendy, global, and chic, yet approachable.

    The site was an old existing restaurant, which needed to be entirely refurbished, retaining a few elements such as the flooring and ceiling. The design process started with detailed explorations of the layouts. A long linear site, the intent was to ensure the restaurant is constantly buzzing, on weekdays and weekends. The space is divided into multiple sections. The teppanyaki counters are located in the center of the space, creating an interactive hub and allowing guests to engage with the chefs. Alongside are large counters displaying chilies from all over the world The bar is another main focus located towards one end of the restaurant, highlighting the extensive cocktail menu.

    Detailed use of sophisticated and opulent materials like brass, marble, and velvet are juxtaposed against furniture that is youthful and lighting that is dreamy. Brass sheets in the form of panels with wallpaper and wood fluting, form a stunning front bar. The back bar is designed in layers with metal mesh and brass pipes. The bottled are lit from the bottom and steps created to display extensive liquor collection. The mesh catches the light, forming beautiful shade and shadow.

    Another theatrical aspect of the space are the two ‘underwater’ murals that were commissioned for the project.

    Detailed interpretations of East Asian symbols like the Koi fish, warrior, flamingos and so on have been designed to create a eye-catching, oversized visual. The art was a combination of hand sketching and digital rendering that was then printed onto large ply boards which were fixed onto a ply frame at site.

    Behind the tepenyaki counters, are large shelves with an extensive array of cane and bamboo products sourced from north East Indian artisans.

    The ambience created is energetic and the restaurant designed to be a buzzing hotspot over the weekend, but also a trendy diner during the weekday.

    Design: MAIA Design Studio
    Photography: Gokul Rao Kadam