TANK Architecture & Interior Design

Working with our partners and clients, it is our responsibility not to listen. Instead, we must hear what remains unsaid and see what remains unshown.
We reach beyond the brief and are disobedient. We create the added value you never knew was there.

We challenge our clients to doubt everything. To make choices that matter requires willingness to do something that has never been done before. To leave the familiar. To embrace the unsafe. It is the only way to create something that is truly authentic, significant and most important, worth while.

If you do not wish to be challenged, it’s fine. If you hate change, it’s okay. If you are convinced of the truth, be proud. But if you are willing to take a stand. Make a statement.

We create environments that are not threatened, but shaped by the future. Rooted in today’s reality, therefore relevant tomorrow. Not because we want to, but simply because it’s our duty.

In every choice we make, we must envision what tomorrow’s today will look like. How the importance of a sustainable environment will evolve. What role health, comfort and clean energy will come to play in the built environment.

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Learn More: https://tank.nl/