Novotel & Ibis Styles Madrid City Las Ventas

Stone Designs designed Novotel & Ibis Styles Madrid City Las Ventas to incorporate all three brands represented in the new venture, finding unique touches of each throughout the hotel.

  • Year 2020
  • Location Madrid, Spain,
  • Type Hotel,
  • For the first time in Spain, Accor Hotels combines three brands in a unique concept in one of its most emblematic hotels in Madrid. Ibis Styles, Novotel and Insólito as the gastronomic brand, create a space that works as a whole, but where the taste of the three different brands can be felt and enjoyed.

    The concept created by Stone Designs is inspired by the Spanish comics of the fifties and sixties, the so called “tebeos”. A time, when the American comics where very difficult to find and when a generation of great Spanish illustrators and vignette creators was born.

    With this common thread, all the Ibis Styles floors are solved in a way that shows this inspiration very evidently, where colors, textures, rooms decoration, etc, remind in an obvious way to all these comics. A tribute to all those creators in Madrid, showing visitors that Spain is a country with a huge cultural value beyond its museums and theaters.

    For the rooms, we got inspired by the homogeneus color palette of those “tebeos”. That range that always fits, and that provides all the necessary shades with the charm of the limitations of the four-colour process. It forces us to use pastel colours, that perfectly fit with the warmth and sensitivity that we want to add to the project.

    We used a limited materials palette. First of all, because of economical and environmental factors. Secondly, because we want each material in the project to have enough identity and quality, so that visitors are aware of them, and enjoy them with all five senses.

    The common areas like the lobby, the two restaurants, the bar and the reception area are inspired by the historical moment when all those creators gave the best of themselves. A warm, clean and efficient design with the right decoration that doesn’t leave place to the superfluous. A place that breathes the best American design of the fifties, combining oak-wood finishes with a universe of upholsteries adding the warmth and comfort that a hotel in a city like Madrid requires.

    The Novotel brand is represented in the most accurate way that we know, joining all the values of the brand in a unique concept, providing a one-of-a-kind experience for visitors. The merge of a show cooking with a buffet area and an attractive bar accessible from the entrance of the hotel, generate a unique space where everything flows in a way that visitors don’t feel any limit when deciding what to desire each moment. Everything flanked by an excellent terrace with the swimming pool as epicenter and limited by a high natural barrier that makes us forget that we are in front of the M-30 motorway.

    The selection of furniture where the studio has taken into account the different typologies of spaces that clients can demand and its quality make from this hotel the perfect space for the general public, not just guests, where to enjoy a fantastic evening in a space to live it, not just to share in social media. A real place, full of taste, where the experience is unbeatable thanks to the fact that everything is thought and implemented with the only intention of satisfying the dreams of the visitors.

    Design: Stone Designs
    Photography: Alberto Monteagudo