Eventi Hotel

Eventi is a sky-scraping hotel in the historic flower district in New York City, New York, designed by CRÈME Jun Aizaki Architecture & Design to draw in both style-conscious travelers and event throwers alike.

This hotel boasts a number of hospitality venues and is home to one of the most ambitious accommodation and event spaces in Manhattan. Crème designed for DLJ Real Estate Capital Partners to create a vision for the lobby, L’Amico restaurant, Lupulo, The Vine bar and a hidden bar.

The structure and furnishings of this space were custom designed and tailored to emphasize a connection to New York’s contemporary culture and history. The entire ground floor exterior has been redesigned to incorporate a blackened steel exterior while adding a canopy that takes inspiration from 20th century New York Architecture.

The layout of the ground floor was modified in order to centralize the lobby, which acts as a hub for all adjacent spaces. The lobby bar hinges the gap between the hotel and the outdoor plaza in the back, while the F&B offerings act as bookends on the corners of the hotel. These spaces integrate design elements that permeate New York City’s continually re-generating culture.

Design: CRÈME Jun Aizaki Architecture & Design
Photography: Courtesy of CRÈME Jun Aizaki Architecture & Design