Church and Union Restaurant

The Bradley Projects utilized a unique ceiling finish, creative lighting and a reflection of the surrounding neighborhood to complete the Church and Union Restaurant in Nashville.

  • area / size 6,000 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Type Restaurant,
  • Great restaurants don’t just serve delicious food; they also offer unique and engaging ambiances that provide transformative experiences. To cultivate this kind of unforgettable experience at Church & Union, a new restaurant in downtown Nashville’s iconic Arcade Alley, restaurant operator The 5th Street Group partnered with local architecture and construction firms The Bradley Projects and Certified Construction Services for their commitment to designing artistic and welcoming spaces that enhance tenants’ mission. Set to open this summer, Church & Union showcases Nashville’s dynamic spirit through one-of-a-kind art pieces, a layout that encourages vibrant social interaction, and an approach to design that’s as unique and playful as the New American menu.

    After sampling some of Head Chef (and two-time “Top Chef” contestant) Jamie Lynch’s dishes, The Bradley Projects team sought to develop a space that reflects the menu’s bold and explosive palette. For example, as guests enter the restaurant, they’ll notice the 40,000-word historical book “Art of War” painted by Jon Norris across the restaurant’s ceiling. The team used elevated platforms and table height to modulate the ambiance to cater to intimate gatherings and large groups. The restaurant’s centerpiece is a custom 100-foot long white concrete bar that is an unmissable magnet for connection and conversation.

    Throughout their portfolio, which includes residential, commercial, and retail developments, The Bradley Projects ensures their work celebrates the surrounding neighborhood. Through Church & Union, The Bradley Projects brings the spirit of Music City to life in a way that challenges convention and looks ahead to Nashville’s future.

    Design: The Bradley Projects
    Photography: Ford Photographs