Ottoman’s Coffee – Sopo Del Tower Kuningan

AlvinT Studio wanted to infuse the essence of a social space, fresh pastel colors, and good coffee into a commercial cafe where the craft of coffee can be enjoyed by all at Ottoman’s Coffee – Sopo Del Tower Kuningan in Jakarta, Indonesia.

  • Year 2018
  • Location Jakarta, Indonesia,
  • AlvinT Studio was given the task to break the mould created by the generic coffee shops that has mushroomed the recent years. The space was designed to eliminate the barriers of individuality, what has become common in lifestyle restaurants. Each seating zones were divided by colour based on its function; a green bar, a blue seating area and a pink amphitheatre. The main feature of the space is a large pink amphitheatre that faces into the building’s lobby. The purpose is to encourage social interaction between strangers, creating a space where conversation flows between tables, personalities and space. The amphitheatre was complimented with loose side tables and mini platforms that acts as a stage for visitors to express their identity and creativity.

    The bar is both transparent and accessible for the baristas to work and for the customers to take pleasure in watching them crafting their coffee creating a coffee bar that is inclusive and open. All furniture and lighting fixtures are all designed specifically for this project.

    Design: AlvinT Studio
    Photography: Sefval Mogalana