Baardos La Citta Restaurant

With the colossal influence of Roman architecture, keen eye for craftsmanship, and juxtaposition of material, Baardos La Citta is a modern-day New Delhi monument in its own right, designed by Studiio Dangg.

  • area / size 8,000 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location New Delhi, India,
  • Type Restaurant,
  • The unchallenged grandeur of a city that still draws breath, confined to a space that emulates Roman architecture, Bardos La Citta , a fine dining venue is weaved into the urban fabric of the city – Delhi, India. The design identity being inconsequential to its surroundings, creates an ecosystem within, to disconnect its users from the outside world.

    With rudimentary elements encompassing the site, the artistic language of this spatial magnificence mimics the inward-looking Domus to avert the user’s eye from the crummy view. The nonchalant viewer experiences serenity through this unconventional milieu offering exquisite food, refreshing greenery, a grand waterfall, and natural sunlight, all while being indoors.

    Monopolising the Roman ethos, the spatial tapestry at Baardos uses the atrium to dictate the view of its diner. A field of vision that augments the grandiosity of the plaza by adopting artistic interpretations of high arches, columns, mouldings, and colonnades, all embellished with natural sunlight.

    The monumental facade is encased by a gilded gold ribbon staircase, an element that feels alien to the prevailing context yet essential to the opulent experience. The creator’s practical tone, restless energy, and organisational mindset are evident, with such conflicting elements breaking the monotony of the venue.

    The sheer expanse of Baardos curates numerous experiences through each floor level, a decorated Roman city by the day, radiating with sunlight mutates itself into a spirited comissatio (drinking party) by night. Homogenous features claim the space while the juxtaposition of materials gives its user tactile and visual dynamism. The blend of deeper hues, raw chipped surfaces, and stones with leather finishes almost consumes the space at night, fabricating it to be a perfect canvas for disengaging.

    The matrix of the floor transpires into another focal point – a bar that serves exquisite beverages over boulder rocks perfected to be cuboids. The randomness of 80 such stones, outlined with glistening gold metal creates a perfect montage of roman nostalgia.

    Baardos’s design narrative uses the pope as an impressionist element that positions the DJ on a floating bridge, drawing all eyes towards the console, comparable to the “papal’s audience” in Rome. At 24th ft high, this element acts as a datum with a grand waterfall as its backdrop leaving its viewer mesmerised.

    The connotation of indoor and outdoor expression flows through the terrace level imitating the elevation of a roman villa having a private backyard. The high tables and intimate cabanas are encompassed in natural vegetation and soothing water bodies adding another dimension to the user experience

    Design: Studiio Dangg
    Photography: Suryan//Dang