The Pantheon Iconic Rome Hotel

The Pantheon Iconic Rome Hotel was designed by Studio Marco Piva to combine history and creativity with auteur design at the distinctive hotel in Rome’s historical center.

  • area / size 45,854 sqft
  • rooms 79
  • Year 2018
  • Location Rome, Italy,
  • Type Hotel,
  • The new hotel is part of Unica Collection, which chose to collaborate with the “The Autograph Collection” brand – the Marriott group’s exclusive portfolio of upscale hotels – to put this facility on international circuits, after bringing the building back to its original function. In fact, initially it was the hotel Bologna in via Santa Chiara, before becoming seat of the Senate of the Republic offices.

    The careful historical survey, the restoration and renovation of the old building, together with the accurate design of its interior, are the strategic elements needed to develop successful restructuring projects nowadays. Especially in complex locations like Rome’s historical centre.

    The result is a hotel with contemporary features, linked to some traditional standards but not stuck in a cliché. Some symbolic architectural elements characterising the surrounding monumental environment were reinterpreted. Shapes, surfaces and colours were chosen which, seen through that truly special Rome light, change during the day.

    From a functional point of view, the location creates discontinuity with the area’s tourist frenzy: a calm, relaxing place to be discovered gradually from the ground floor up to its spectacular sixth floor terrace, offering guests a breath-taking view of Rome and its monuments.

    DesignStudio Marco Piva
    PhotographyAndrea Martiradonna