Hotel Indigo Vancouver DWTN

Hotel Indigo, designed by The Society, incorporates the patterns of America’s natural beauty and the textures of the Pacific Northwest to emulate Lewis and Clark’s expedition, encouraging guests to embrace the journey and discover hidden details.

  • area / size 288,000 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Type Hotel,
  • Journeys and expeditions are filled with unforgettable moments of discovery and exploration. Located at the culmination site of one of the most famous expeditions in American history, Hotel Indigo serves as a well-deserved respite following a long journey, or as the launching point for a guest’s next big adventure. Kirkland Development sought the hospitality design expertise of The Society for the design conception of its latest boutique hotel in Downtown Vancouver. From the macro to the micro level, The Society’s design of the guest rooms and public spaces integrates the patterns of America’s natural beauty and the textures of the Pacific Northwest to emulate Lewis and Clark’s famed odyssey across the nation, ensuring that a guest’s stay is filled with unforgettable moments.

    By foot, by water, and over mountains, Lewis and Clark trekked into uncharted territory, ending their journey on the Oregon coast, not far from Hotel Indigo—just a short stroll away from the Vancouver Convention Center. These methods of transportation, as well as the experience of going on an adventure, inform the design details of the property’s 138 guest rooms, inspiring a sense of wonder and discovery throughout one’s stay.

    As guests first enter their room, they are greeted with layered, tactile details of the room’s dappled wallpaper representing natural textures found underfoot during exploration. Leather pulls on storage drawers resemble the handles of antique luggage bags, indicative of a long journey. In each room, a compass enclosed in a shadow box points guests toward undiscovered memories waiting to be made.

    Dark, rich colors throughout the room contrast with the bright fabrics in the curtains and bedspread, reflecting the silhouette of a mountain. Granite countertops ground the space while matte concrete-colored tiling wraps the interior shower walls, simulating the experience of being on the face of a mountain. The black, white, and blue illustrated artwork above the bed confronts guests with the reality and majesty of an alpine peak.

    Constructed on the site of an old shipyard, Hotel Indigo embraces the aesthetics of maritime tradition. Nautical themes reveal themselves in the lashings of lounge chairs, reminiscent of the rigging in boats, effervescent water-like patterns projected by lighting features, and reflective frosted glass surfaces in the bathroom. The colored floors reference the warm-toned wood planks used in canoes and boats, alluding to a journey by water. Additionally, the boardroom’s ceiling wallpaper further depicts the voyage providing a stunning view through the trees and towards the sky as if guests are on the voyage sleeping under the stars.

    Equipped with a large second-floor event space and balcony facing the water, Hotel Indigo will be a new, modern addition to Vancouver’s downtown, featuring three restaurants, including a sky bar on the top of the hotel with a spectacular view of the river.

    One challenge the team ran into when designing the space was in the atrium. The Society made a large-volume spaces feel personal and comfortable by creating intimate pockets of seating facing various directions to form smaller rooms within the larger space.

    All of these design features come together to reinforce the connection between the site’s history, the great outdoors, and Lewis and Clark’s expedition through the Pacific Northwest, encouraging guests to embrace the journey and discover hidden details, making their stay truly unforgettable.

    Design: The Society
    Photography: Mark Compton