Bibi Eatery

Bibi Eatery is a fast casual dining concept with an Iranian theme, featuring a layered interior design by Archie Bolden with staggered arched portals, blush tones, Persian blue accents, playful lines, and a mural honoring the restaurant’s namesake.

  • area / size 904 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Type Restaurant,
  • Bibi is a petite and engaging fast casual dining concept that celebrates Iranian fare. Taking inspiration from the key principles of traditional Iranian cuisine, we created a layered interior, framing both the entry and service counter with exaggerated staggered arched portals.

    Blush tones are balanced with Persian blue accents throughout the interior, whilst geometric shapes and playful lines dance around the space. Whilst the iconic Bibi mural adorns the rear wall of the venue, paying homage to the restaurant’s namesake.

    Design: Archie Bolden
    Architect: Fathom Architecture
    Contractor: Couch Construction
    Photography: Katie Bricker