The Kitin

The KITIN project in Hong Kong features a design by M.R. STUDIO that pays tribute to Chinese culture and incorporates Chinese symbols, while also offering breathtaking views of the city’s landscape with a vibrant and immersive interior.

  • area / size 6,000 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Hong Kong, China,
  • Type Restaurant,
  • Sitting high above the city, the spectacular views from the KITIN, located at the 101th floor of ICC – the tallest building in Hong Kong were where the unexpected began.

    Upon arrival, guests are greeted by the cinematic scale of the main entrance in tribute to the Chinese bridge structure. The ombré wallpaper offers a sensual contrast to the geometric lines of the main entrance, combining the bespoke wall sconces which creates a warm, layered and elegance vibe in its experience.

    The interior aims to reinterpret the recurring Chinese symbols including the Chinese Wuxing elements – Gold, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth, mythical figures, culture, heritage and so on. The meticulous selection of objects, materials and bespoke designs uniquely tied to the concept and authentic Chinese dining experience while infusing a modern spirit at the same time. The restaurant offers guests an all-encompassing view of the city’s landscape.

    Craftsmanship plays a key role in the main dining room, the leather floral patterned wall seamlessly merges the traditional Chinese arts with the modern texture to create a vibrant, immersive interior. The bespoke tea area has a tea shelf and a tea table which creates an expansive open layout; the tea table is designed for tea displaying, as well as tea tasting. Flower arrangement is placed in the center to act as a focal point of the main dining room.

    Design: M.R. STUDIO
    Photography: Steven Ko