Street Food Court

Street Food Court by Kohina is an innovative restaurant concept in Helsinki that combines global flavors, local culture, and art in a unique and visually stunning design.

  • area / size 3,229 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Helsinki, Finland,
  • An innovative and unique restaurant world offering urbanites a taste journey through the world’s street kitchens, seamlessly blending locality, responsibility, and art into an experiential environment.

    At the core of Street Food is a culinary adventure through the world’s street kitchens, and this is evident not only in the food culture but also in the overall ambiance of the restaurant world. Located in the heart of the Helsinki Finland, between Teurastamo event area, the former slaughterhouse area, and Suvilahti, the former energy production area, which now serves as the venue for events like the iconic Flow Festival, the restaurant world provides a space where different cultures and art create a unique and bold atmosphere.

    The concept extends beyond just a culinary experience. The walls and ceiling of the Street Food court come to life with the artistic touch of local film director and graffiti artist Jukka “JUGIX2” Metsäaho’s mural art. The murals draw inspiration from a strong commitment to responsibility and nature, infusing the walls with deeper meaning.

    Kohina’s design is a combination of classic choices and surprises, both in material combinations and emotionally evocative accent colors.

    In the design process, Kohina prioritized responsibility. From understanding the customer journey and the daily lives of restaurateurs, special attention has been given to locality and sustainable design. Every choice, from partners to surface materials and loose furniture, reflects a commitment to local businesses and sustainable development. Unique furnitures are manufactured in Finland, giving each space its distinctive stamp.

    In technical solutions, such as lighting design and the placement of restaurant kitchens, responsibility is evident in the goal of maximizing energy efficiency. The entire concept has been meticulously planned to be visually appealing and ecologically sustainable.

    Street Food court has received substantial recognition not only for its visual identity but also for its functional design and project management.

    Kohina acted as the project leader and provided daily support to restaurateurs until the opening day. This professional support has been crucial in establishing Street Food as a favorite destination among city dwellers.

    Kohina also designed a separate showroom and marketing materials to support leasing restaurant spaces in the shopping center.

    Overall, Street Food court represents boldness, responsibility, and a unique visual concept. It is more than just a food court – it is an experience that connects global flavors, local culture, and art to the daily lives of city dwellers.

    Design: Kohina
    Photography: Riikka Kantinkoski