Four Seasons Hotel Suzhou

Designed by Avalon Collective, Four Seasons Hotel Suzhou integrates the classical Chinese Garden principles, blending outdoor and indoor spaces to create a seamless, culturally rich experience for guests.

  • area / size 495,140 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Suzhou, China,
  • Type Hotel,
  • Four Seasons Hotel Suzhou designed by Avalon Collective, newly opened on 12th December 2023. Nestled on a private island amidst the scenic Jinji Lake in Suzhou, renowned for its breathtaking gardens, Four Seasons Hotel Suzhou seamlessly blends outdoor and indoor spaces. Guests are invited to embark on an immersive journey through enchanting natural surroundings, starting from the island arrival and extending through vibrant social areas into luxurious accommodations.

    Inspired by the architectural principles of the classical Chinese Garden, Four Seasons Hotel Suzhou perfectly embodies the essence of Suzhou culture through the integration of the Chinese architrave as a pervasive design element. Its rich cultural heritage and the botanical elegance of its gardens is meticulously preserved within the overarching theme of One Step, One View, which takes guests on a visual journey where each step reveals a unique scene, creating a seamless and interconnected experience.

    Four Seasons Hotel Suzhou adopts a contemporary design language that encapsulates the city’s nature, culture, art, and architecture, transforming the Lobby Spaces into a Central Courtyard, the Function Venues into Urban Treasure, the Recreational Areas into Retreat Escapes, and the Accommodations into an Urban Oasis — a comforting and serene sanctuary tailored for urbanites seeking rejuvenation.

    Design: Avalon Collective
    Photography: Seth Powers, Qiu Xin, Jonathan Leijonhufvud