Nazcaa Restaurant

Habitat seamlessly blends Peruvian and Japanese culture at Nazcaa in Dubai, through stunning interiors reflecting the geoglyphs, creating a unique dining experience harmonizing artistry with cuisine.

  • area / size 4,790 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Type Restaurant,
  • Located on the 12th floor of the Address Fountain Views Hotel in Dubai, a premium luxury hotel and lifestyle destination in the heart of Dubai Downtown, Nazcaa emerges as a culinary haven that defies convention. With its unique interpretation of Nikkei gastronomy, a combination of the rich cultural heritage of Peru and Japan, Nazca is a place where the two countries’ flavours come together in perfect harmony. The project showcases stunning interiors, extending an invitation to dine outdoors and offering an unrivalled panorama of Burj Khalifa and the bustling Downtown Dubai, creating a memorable dining experience.

    The idea for Nazcaa was born out of a deep admiration for the Nazca Lines, the enigmatic geoglyphs in the Peruvian desert, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Regardless of the mystery of the Nazca Lines and the theories behind them, these ancient marvels stand as a testament to the remarkable ingenuity and boundless creativity of their natives. The challenge was, therefore, clear — to encapsulate the essence of these mystical lines while offering a groundbreaking fusion of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine.

    The restaurant’s layout is thoughtfully sectionalised into cosy corners for private dinners, which further translates into the main seating area with a bar. From hereon, this space opens up to the outdoor seating area with a glorious view of Dubai downtown. The design vocabulary of the project is centred around Nazca Lines, which is intricately woven into every facet of the interiors, serving as a testament to the strength of art and a reminder of the significance of cultural heritage.

    At Nazcaa, design isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a narrative. It is a story that unfolds with each course, a reminder that artistry transcends the boundaries of cuisine and architecture, echoing the allure of the Nazca Lines. This is achieved by using a Peruvian-inspired colour scheme, material palette and native symbols of animals, plants, and geometric shapes in the design accents. Symbolic of the desert landscape, most spaces are doused in earthy shades of sandy beige, rich cocoa, and spicy mustard. Every design element is meticulously curated to harmoniously fuse modern aesthetics with traditional elements from Peruvian and Japanese design principles, seamlessly extending this fusion to carefully selected furniture, cutlery, and dinnerware.

    Reminiscent of celestial bodies, the ceiling mirrors the Nazca Lines. Floating glass crystal doves are suspended from the ceiling to simulate nature within the confines of the restaurant. The Nero Saint Laurent (NSL) Marble and Armani Bronze Marble flooring is an abstract representation of the geoglyphs — massive line drawings etched on the arid Pampa Colorada, northwest of Nazca, in southern Peru. Brown sandy wooden flooring and low-lying desert plants anchor the outdoor space, offering unobstructed views of the urbanscape. These elements combined breathe life into the restaurant, infusing it with the spirit of the civilisation.

    Nazcaa’s take on the Nikkei gastronomy is to offer and enhance a unique dining experience. Electronic tunes interwoven with the soulful melodies of South American instruments help achieve this. The restaurant is also a musical fusion that mirrors the culinary fusion. The overall experience extends beyond the conventional restaurant visit, immersing visitors in a world of culinary distinctiveness and enchantment. At Nazcaa, one can discover more than just a meal; it is an expedition of tastes, a symphony of cultures, and an immersion in luxury that transports one to a realm where culinary boundaries blur, and the senses awaken.

    Design: Habitat
    Photography: courtesy of Habitat x Nazcaa