The Iogurt Shop

Yiyicaru Arquitectos‘ design of The Iogurt Shop focuses on a mint green color scheme, featuring melting ice cream walls, candy tube art, natural elements, and subtle brand integration, creating an inviting environment.

  • area / size 612 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Villahermosa, Mexico,
  • The Iogurt Shop was born from a logo and a palette of neutral colors provided by the client, which led to focus on a mint green color for the entire design, inspiring the idea of creating an environment that evokes a -frozen sensation-. However, to prevent the space from feeling too cold, the creative solution was applying green paste on both walls and floor, as well as integrating the color into the furniture; opting for a monochromatic approach and reserving color for the delicious toppings.

    Upon entering, you are greeted by walls that give the appearance of melting ice cream, framed with a LED strip that invites you to follow the journey through a large infinity mirror. In the center, acrylic tubes with encapsulated sweets are positioned, serving as authentic works of art/objects that rise from the floor along the wall and ceiling, culminating over the monolithic counter that houses all the toppings. Dynamism and fun take center stage, emphasizing the importance of the toppings.

    The space design, accommodating 26 diners, was meticulously thought out to consider the use by both customers and staff. From the counter to the candy tubes and strategically embedded and hidden machines, every detail was conceived to be attractive and functional, creating an environment that invites discovery in every corner.

    A contrast of natural elements such as marble and chukum paste was created, adding a touch of elegance through refined golden-colored objects. The warm natural oak wood provides a cozy atmosphere, and textures highlight the beauty of imperfection through the evocation of organic materials like yogurt and frozen earth.

    The brand presence was subtly integrated throughout the space, from decorative elements to the packaging boxes themselves. This approach ensures that the brand experience begins the moment customers enter the premises.

    The ambiance is complemented by a carefully selected aroma reminiscent of a candy factory, invoking childhood joy. The finishing touch is provided by an infinity mirror and perfectly calculated lighting, creating a play of lights that idealistically highlights the colors and transforms the space into a sweet and vibrant universe.

    ‘The Iogurt Shop’ is not just a place to enjoy delicious products but also a visually appealing destination that invites exploration from the exterior of the plaza and delights visitors with each visit.

    Design: Yiyicaru Arquitectos
    Photography: Cesar Belio