Four Seasons Hotel Montreal

A thoughtfully designed luxury experience by Lemay, Sid Lee Architecture and Gilles & Boissier, the Four Seasons Montreal provides a beautifully sophisticated stay for those traveling to the popular Canadian city.

  • rooms 169
  • Year 2019
  • Location Montreal, Canada,
  • Type Hotel,
  • Since opening its doors in May 2019, Four Seasons Hotel Montreal has brought its city back to the forefront of the global luxury hotel design conversation. As a result of continuous interest, Four Seasons Hotel Montreal is delighted to accommodate leading architecture and design journalists to tour the property or meet the visionary architects, designers and artists who conceived an emblematic hotel where sensuality meets intelligent design, and where art and design enchant, surprise, and delight local Montrealers and global travellers at every turn.

    The thoughtfulness and imagination of the team’s creative minds imbues every corner of the hotel’s unique social ecosystem, which englobes graceful and sensual modern guest rooms; lively dining and drinking environments; a spa and wellness sanctuary; the city’s newest venue for top level business meetings and glittering social galas; and an exclusive community of private residences in the heart of Montreal’s Golden Square Mile, steps away from the city’s best shops, galleries, restaurants and museums.

    Designed by Lemay and Sid Lee Architecture, the Four Seasons Hotel Montreal building combines classic elegance and contemporary style. The eighteen-storey multifunctional building includes a 169-room hotel and 18 private residences. It makes an iconic statement with its streamlined, uniquely offset volumes and richly textured accents that embody luxury and refinement.

    Boldly swathed in black, the tower captures light differently on each floor and interacts with Montreal’s ever-changing skyline and seasons. The façade’s main volumes are divided according to its functions by a golden bas-relief that folds inwards and spreads vertically, creating a thin blade in the centre of the building that alters its visual aspect. The dark colour of the glass lays a delicate veil over the interior spaces and creates a subdued appearance at nightfall, framed by granite side façades that reflect the rhythm of the glass panels as their textures come to life with the changing ambient light.

    The hotel’s chic interiors by designers Gilles & Boissier in collaboration with Philip Hazan are a stark contrast to the building’s black glass façade.

    Guests enter through a lobby of white marble, with gold elevators and can discover pink and grey velvet walls that demand to be touched when they access the feminine third floor reception. Graceful and sensual, the 169 guest rooms are imbued with modern classicism, bathed in comforting colours of cloud white, with ethereal backlighting, smooth velvet textures, mirrored surfaces, swathes of marble and bronze, and gold and dark wood accents.

    The feeling of sophisticated, modern luxury is completed by glamourous rose velvet furniture, a circular bar étagère for make-your-own cocktails, minimalist four-poster beds, and corpulent backlit mirrors that reflect the spectacular city views that sip in through floor-to-ceiling windows. The west-facing side of the building offers best views in the city to admire the iconic Leonard Cohen mural.

    Architecture: Lemay, Sid Lee Architecture
    Design: Gilles & Boissier in collaboration with Philip Hazan
    Photography: Don Riddle