HP Pechersk

  • area / size 1,830 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Kyiv, Ukraine,
  • We are pleased to recall the experience of projects that found a response not only in our perception, but also among other people. The location of the object in the old part of the city, it would seem, could largely determine the direction of the concept, but we abandoned this idea. The first time we faced the given space in its complete solitude. Its inner content required attention.

    The black facade of the building was hidden behind a wall of tall trees hiding the pedestrian road. From the outside, everything looked like one single whole, without any context gap. While there was an attractive view inside, it seemed as if we were on the bow of a ship floating in the crowns of foliage.

    We had an insight that this interior should find its own internal structure and light, which will give it a slight air of mystery and attractiveness: the image of a fire waking up at night, attracting attention. The created “local chemistry” between color and shadow identifies the growing tendency to move away from the monochrome palette towards color expressiveness.

    Design: Atelier Prototipi
    Design Team: Aleksey Klimov, Eugene Cherkas
    Photography: Andrey Dubinin