Ménard Dworkind Architecture & Design used rounded corners and warm textures to give Heirloom a welcoming feel for patrons of the gourmet pizzeria in Montreal.

The recently opened Le Central food hall reunites 25 local gastronomic icons, and has become a must-see in the creative and diverse city of Montreal. Heirloom pizzeria fits perfectly into this gourmet mix with its Neapolitan pizzas and natural wines.

Heirloom is a welcoming space with its rounded corners and warm textures. From the vantage point behind the white oak bar, one can appreciate the action around the imposing Italian Malagutti oven covered with a penny round red mosaic tile. A huge light-box menu recalls the banners once sitting in the vanishing red light district of Montreal and is a beacon for pizza lovers. This rounded light-box steps down to a steel framed glass wall, giving volume and depth to the kiosk. A long steel shelf supporting over a hundred pizza boxes is suspended along the length of the kiosk to handle the large number of take away orders.

Constrained by having to integrate all the equipment into such a limited space, every inch had to be thought out to maximize efficiency for fast-paced lunch and dinner rushes. A custom designed wine cellar made from hot rolled steel and glass houses the carefully curated selection of natural wines. Unlike the often imperfect and bulging tomato from which this restaurant gets its namesake, heirloom is a classic jewel, polished and refined and will certainly age with grace. Buon appetito!

Design: Ménard Dworkind Architecture & Design
Photography: David Dworkind