PIMS Dubai Mall Tea Cafe by KIDZ studio showcases a fusion of desert inspiration and modernism, featuring a neutral palette, fluid transitions, metallic floral elements, and customer reflection, enhancing the tea culture experience.

La Bottega Milanese in Leeds underwent an aesthetic update by Ekho Studio, enhancing the coffee bar with a modern design featuring monochrome tones, natural textures, and expanded seating capacity.

ALA Studio designed TALEA Beer Co.’s vibrant Bryant Park taproom, with colorful, architecturally innovative elements and a focus on creating joyful gathering spaces.

Xinghe Guangdong Hotel at Sundiao Bay in Huizhou embraces natural beauty with a design blending wood, steel, and nature, creating a serene and harmonious environment by KJJH DESIGN.

San Sabino by GRT Architects for Chefs Angie Rito and Scott Tacinelli features an evolved design with warm lighting, mixed metals, unique tiled floors, and upholstered ceilings for a fresh yet familiar ambiance for New York City patrons.

Thiptara Restaurant in Dubai, designed by Zebra Global and fit out by Design Infinity, draws inspiration from Thai floating markets with traditional details, luxurious materials, and an intimate, welcoming atmosphere.

Emerald Lounge in Richmond offers a chic, tropical escape with a mix of seating types, rich color palette, and custom marine-inspired design details by Campfire & Co..

XO Atelier‘s design for Charlie & Friends in Dubai embodies Mediterranean essence through curated lighting by Nemo Lighting and bespoke elements, blending culture and artistry for a unique dining experience.

Smith & Mills’ new Rockefeller Center location in NYC features a design by Woods Bagot blending dark tones, vintage elements, and modern lighting, creating a moody, intimate space with nods to its original aesthetics.

LDH Architectural Design beautifully integrates traditional Chinese garden elements with modern architecture, at Qu Yuan Plus Restaurant in Yangzhou, creating a serene and vibrant space.

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